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    When it comes to producing steel, we understand there’s mounting legislative pressure to keep emissions low, internal demands to keep production high, and profits rolling in. Of course, meeting all these demands is challenging, and you shouldn’t have to worry if your baghouse filter bags will keep up. From fiber to filter to fit, Albarrie’ s industrial air filtration experts ensure your baghouse is optimized for your unique application while meeting environmental standards.

    Long-Lasting Efficiency 

    Albarrie’s custom filter bags provide lasting performance and superior filtration in even the most demanding industrial applications. We’ll work with you to identify the best fabric choice, considering your current challenges, operating temperatures, and chemicals in the gas stream.

    Long-Lasting Fit

    Getting the precise bag fit and choosing the best fabric options for your application are critical factors in obtaining efficient filtration and maximizing bag life. Albarrie creates custom filter bags to the exact dimensions of your baghouse cages. We’ll send you a sample to confirm it’s right for you.

    Long-Lasting Support   

    We don’t just offer you the right filter media and fit – we also provide cleaning and maintenance services to support your long-term operational goals. This includes periodic reviews and maintenance checks to ensure your baghouse is running optimally and you comply with environmental standards.

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