From industrial and professional organizations to local charities, Albarrie understands that good business means good community stewardship. 



We don’t just sign up and show up, we get involved by sharing our knowledge and passion for nonwoven fabric technology, environmental sustainability, engineering, and manufacturing. By tapping into the great knowledge base our communities offer, we further increase our knowledge to help customers and employees become the best they can be at their jobs. We attend association seminars, volunteer on boards, and donate to charitable causes. In doing so, we influence daily decisions about how industry addresses its processes and solutions that protect and improve our environment.



Our commitment to sustainability is integrated into every one of our products. We’ve made it our mission to recognize and respond to the approaching pressures of climate change. Our products contribute to the improvement of our environment by reducing waste, protecting against spills and keeping impurities out of our air and water. Our permeable, oil-immobilizing smart fabrics are a new green technology. They eliminate the need for energy-hungry pump and treat secondary oil containment systems typically found all over North America. They significantly reduce environmental impacts associated with an oil spill by protecting water, land and wildlife from potential oil contamination or exposure. Our proprietary polymer blends are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and environmentally friendly and can be burned for fuel after they have been consumed.

Our seamless felt tubes reduce the incidence of scratches and damage during the manufacture of surface-critical metal products, which in turn reduces the need to remelt and remanufacture – significantly saving energy. Our air filtration components and dust collection systems keep particulates and greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere, helping us all breathe easier. As a company, we have committed ourselves to continually improve the efficiency with which we use our resources. We specifically source our materials only from companies with a good environmental record and the highest level of integrity.

Our commitment to a secure and sustainable future extends to our customers’ businesses too. Our custom-made fabrics deliver higher performance and reduce the chances of containment failure and spills, while our expert maintenance services help extend the life of our products, which reduces energy costs and waste and benefits our customers’ bottom lines. In addition, our insistence on sourcing materials from domestic suppliers helps promote job stability and protection in North America.



The health and safety of Albarrie employees and visitors are paramount to the success of the overall operation. Therefore, we are committed to a goal of zero injuries and illness. Within our operational activities, we protect our employees (and contractors/visitors) from illness and injury while preserving materials, assets, and the environment against the risk of fire, damage, and other losses. Working together, we pursue our shared vision of a healthier and safer working environment free from actual and potential hazards and continue encouraging all to adopt a safe and healthy lifestyle on and off the job.

Albarrie takes pride in going beyond the minimum legislated requirements and adopts the broader spirit and intent of the internal responsibility system towards health and safety. With pride, in 2022, Albarrie was recognized as a leader in health and safety in Ontario’s manufacturing sector, receiving a rebate from the Ontario Ministry of Labor and Skills Development program for having a clean safety record.


Albarrie Canada Limited is committed to providing accessible service for its customers. Goods and services will be provided in a manner that is based upon the principles of dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity to all of its customers