Aluminum Extrusion & Manufacturing


Manufacturers can’t afford to compromise on processes, product quality, or the health and safety of the working environment. Albarrie works with Aluminum Extruders and other manufacturers in demanding environments to comply with health, safety, and environmental regulations while also creating efficient operations. 



Our nonwoven technical fabric inventions solve unique material handling and conveyance problems in high-temperature manufacturing; in baghouse operations, or around oil-filled equipment like transformers. We design our products to help producers keep operations running smoothly and focus on what’s important, which is getting quality, damage-free products out the door.

Protect Products During Processing

Albarrie’s Defender Series Heat Felts protect surfaces from damage during processing

Meet Environmental Regulations

With Albarrie’s line of air pollution and spill control products

Save Money

Improve efficiencies and lower maintenance costs with Albarrie’s line of products for filtration, conveyance, and secondary containment

Stable & Safe Supply Chain

Our products are designed to meet North American requirements for secondary containment and air pollution control

Aluminum Extrusion & Manufacturing SOLUTIONS

Oil Blocker Plus Installation in St Johns Canada
Transformer Secondary Oil Containments Systems
Albarrie's Sorbweb Secondary Containment installations in British Columbia
Transformer Secondary Oil Containments Systems
Baghouse Filter Bags
Technical Fabrics By The Roll
Alarrie's Roller Design Plan
Albarrie's technical team will design a roller to protect unique product profiles in manufacturing.
Albarrie's Engineering Plan
Turn to our engineering and design team for a successful containment design and installation.
Clean Filter Bags for Baghouse
Albarrie's baghouse service experts will keep your baghouse running smooth.

Aluminum Extrusion & Manufacturing

The Aluminum Extrusion process and other high-temperature manufacturing processes, such as metalworking or foundry, steel processing, and glassmaking, face considerable operational obstacles. Efficient operations, quality products, and on-time deliveries are common manufacturing concerns. To add fuel to the fire, manufacturing processes that include scorching hot, dusty, toxic environments requiring their own electrical power must also contend with health, safety, and environmental regulations. As a result, producers’ risk being shut down due to baghouse emissions or getting fined for a catastrophic transformer leak.

Albarrie assists producers in creating efficient operations while complying with health, safety, and environmental regulations. We’ve designed a range of products fabricated from nonwoven technical fabrics to solve producers’ unique problems. Whether an operation involves material handling and conveyance in high-temperature manufacturing or compliance with environmental regulations – either in a baghouse or around oil-filled equipment like transformers – our products and services keep producers running efficiently and seamlessly.


Albarrie’s Defender™ Series Heat Felts are engineered to protect aluminum and other soft metals, glass, and steel products’ surface finish during manufacture. They are a high-performance alternative to graphite rollers, typically used in high-temperature conveyance and material handling systems. When heat felts aren’t used during the handling process, producers risk creating an inferior product due to scratches or marks from graphite or wood. This leads to scrapping and remanufacturing the product, cost overruns, and inefficient operations. Defender™ Series Heat Felts include an assortment of conveyor rollers, conveyor roller covers, conveyor slat & beam covers (pads and boards), endless conveyor belts, spacer bar sleeves, and heat protective tape.

Albarrie’s custom baghouse filter bags and baghouse services equip producers with the expertise and support needed to improve air filtration efficiencies in baghouse operations. Baghouses without proper air filtration fabric or support could leak emissions and lead to shutdowns. We offer an extensive range of nonwoven baghouse filters, finishes, baghouse accessories, and services to meet operational, budgetary, and environmental demands.

Albarrie engineers, manufactures, supplies, and installs transformer secondary oil containment systems and oil spill containment systems using a patented oil-reactive, self-sealing smart fabric technology. Our systems allow water to pass through but seal on contact with oil. As a result, the system is virtually maintenance-free, offering significant cost savings on installation and operation.

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