Your Trusted Service Partner

Forming key alliances is crucial to business success today. However, resources and internal knowledge often fall short. Since Albarrie is dedicated to customer success, we developed a team of professional experts to assist manufacturers in improving products and operations.


Let’s face it; you can’t be everything to everyone. And you can’t be everywhere at once. Many businesses are trying to keep up with customer demands with fewer resources. But when internal teams fall short, having a partner to rely on helps organizations achieve economies of scale, satisfy customer needs, reduce costs and gain market share.

Albarrie has uniquely positioned itself to assist customers in optimizing operations. With a proven track record of partnering with many high profile organizations, Albarrie completes the critical work internal teams can’t. We’ve helped thousands of clients improve air filtration efficiencies, create maintenance-free transformer secondary containment systems, and enhance high-temperature manufacturing processes with services for our highly sought after product lines.

When clients need to develop new technical fabrics for a product application, our research & development team shares its knowledge and expertise to design unique textiles for performance. We create a repeatable manufacturing process to produce customers’ textiles that ensure quality standards are met while keeping re-ordering simple.

For textile manufacturers who need a helping hand in finishing fabrics, we offer our broad range of capabilities, from needlepunching nonwoven fabrics to slitting, dipping, and more.

Our service teams bring a diverse range of capabilities you can count on. We hire professional people with a high level of expertise in each area so you can confidently partner with us to solve business problems.

  • Albarrie's Engineering Plan

    Oil Containment Design

    Turn to our engineering and design team for a successful containment design and installation.
  • Alarrie's Roller Design Plan

    Conveyor Roller Design

    Albarrie’s technical team will design a roller to protect unique product profiles in manufacturing.
  • Albarrie's fibers and fabrics

    Textile Product Design

    High-quality nonwoven technical fabrics will enhance performance in your product or application.
  • Albarrie's slitting machine for textile converting services

    Specialty Textile Converting

    We can convert textiles for you to improve productivity, extend capabilities.
  • Clean Filter Bags for Baghouse

    Baghouse Maintenance

    Albarrie’s baghouse service experts will keep your baghouse running smooth.