Secondary Oil Containment Systems


Around-the-clock protection from chronic transformer oil leaks and catastrophic transformer oil spills at a lower cost than traditional containment systems.

Secondary Oil Containment Systems


Albarrie's Secondary Oil Containment Systems

Chronic transformer oil leaks are the most significant problem for many electric power substation infrastructures. An ongoing leak, equivalent to one 500-milliliter water bottle (about 17 oz.) per week, can amount to 26,000 liters (more than 6,800 gallons) of oil spilled in one year. As a result, transformer oil leaks present costly maintenance and environmental issues.

Albarrie engineers, manufactures, supplies, and installs transformer secondary oil containment systems or oil spill containment systems using a patented oil-reactive, self-sealing smart fabric technology. Our systems allow water to pass through but seal on contact with oil. Albarrie’s secondary oil containment systems are virtually maintenance-free, offering significant cost savings on installation and operation.

Choose between our premium transformer secondary oil containment systems, SorbwebPlus, (ideal for large transformer substations), EsterWeb™ or oil spill containment system, OilBlocker™ Plus, (suitable for smaller transformers and temporary oil-filled equipment). Albarrie designs oil containment systems suited for either mineral or natural ester-based oils. We also offer oil stop valves and oil containment vault kits.

Albarrie also offers products to manage small oil spills and leaks around mineral oil-filled equipment. Our OilBlocker™ Perimeter Barrier and SAM™ Super Aborbent Mat are sold separately in rolls for the end-user to self install. 

Whether you’re a utility company, engineering company, consultant, EPC, contractor or OEM, we’ll work with you to engineer & design a maintenance-free transformer secondary oil containment system that meets your needs and complies with government and environmental regulations.

We understand that each project requirement is unique and can be challenging, but we pride ourselves on guaranteed satisfaction and functionality.

We design our secondary containment solutions to meet or exceed the EPA Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) requirements per 40 CFR 112.7, IEEE Std. 980, MOECC requirements in Canada and best practices put forward by major property insurers. Our products are routinely put to the test and have proven their effectiveness, time and time again.

Our secondary oil containment systems are ideal for utility companies, nuclear power plants, solar & wind farms, mining companies, large manufacturing facilities, hydropower plants, and more.

Secondary Oil containment