Government & OEMs


Albarrie’s nonwoven technical fabrics and manufactured products provide government organizations and equipment manufacturers with solutions that meet environmental regulations for compliance.



Our line of technical fabrics is more than just fabric; they help you save money, the environment, and your reputation. Albarrie’s nonwoven technical fabrics and manufactured products provide government organizations and equipment manufacturers with products that help them and their customers meet environmental regulations that protect the environment while also saving money on their bottom line and preserving their reputations. 

Save Money

Improve efficiencies and lower maintenance costs with Albarrie’s line of products for air filtration, secondary containment and in material handling systems.

Meet Environmental Regulations

With Albarrie’s line of air pollution and spill control products

Stable and Safe Supply Chain

As a North American manufacturer, our products are designed to meet North American requirements for secondary containment and air pollution control

Protect Your Reputation

Exceed customer expectations with premium parts in manufactured equipment

Government & OEMs SOLUTIONS

Baghouse Filter Bags
Baghouse Filter Bags
Oil Blocker Plus Installation in St Johns Canada
Transformer Secondary Oil Containments Systems
Albarrie's Sorbweb Secondary Containment installations in British Columbia
Transformer Secondary Oil Containments Systems
Clean Filter Bags for Baghouse
Albarrie's baghouse service experts will keep your baghouse running smooth.
Alarrie's Roller Design Plan
Albarrie's technical team will design a roller to protect unique product profiles in manufacturing.
Albarrie's Engineering Plan
Turn to our engineering and design team for a successful containment design and installation.

Government & OEMs


Governments must stay accountable for their use of public funds. In doing so, they often seek products from the market with the lowest upfront cost that will last long term. Government-run power generation facilities use Albarrie’s secondary containment systems with smart-fabric technology – SorbWeb Plus, EsterWeb, and Oil Blocker Plus. When a transformer oil spill occurs, it can damage the land and nearby waterways. Therefore, government regulations require a spill prevention plan for oil-filled equipment, which often includes a secondary oil containment system. Our products provide maximum, maintenance-free protection from the risks – budget, compliance, liability, and reputation- associated with oil spills and leaks around substation transformers. Albarrie’s innovative engineering design team follows specific transformer oil containment design criteria to ensure the project is successful and the client’s goals are achieved. Along with best practice recommendations, client input, and a promise to deliver the highest quality product, we focus on developing the right solution for your needs. 


With 40+ years of experience, Albarrie is an industrial air filtration media expert for baghouse and dust collector systems. We understand how fabrics perform in numerous specialized high-temperature air filtration applications. End users may need a wide range of baghouse filters, requiring solutions that meet exact requirements while maintaining high performance. Albarrie’s Affinity Industrial Air Filter Media can be supplied as a rolled good or as complete baghouse filter bag customized for any manufacturer’s equipment and end-user’s process. Our Affinity line includes Affinity™ DD Duo Density, Affinity™ MC Micro-Cap, Affinity™ AS Anti-Static, and Affinity Release. Each product within our line is a customizable combination of fiber and treatments designed to provide the highest performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Our highly trained technical team will help determine which filter media is best for your customer’s application. They will also provide complete technical support throughout the product development process. 


Don’t risk your reputation by selling substandard products to customers who rely on you for quality. Customers trust your expertise and expect that their equipment supplier will deliver a premium press with conveyor parts that will last. Albarrie partners with press and Handling Systems manufacturers to design and fabricate its high-quality Defender Series Fullback Kevlar Rollers, Roller Covers, Endless Belts, Pads, and Durafiber Boards. Albarrie’s Defender Series products will help your customers produce more with less waste and better efficiency.

We design our Defender Series products from nonwoven high-heat technical fabrics. They are lightweight, durable, and reliable, offering premium protection to hot surface-critical extrusion coming directly from the press and going down the line. They are designed to withstand extreme heat while holding up under the harshest conditions without damaging the finished product. With our Defender Series products in place from the time of delivery, your customers will see less scrap and less downtime for part changes. In return, they will see your brand as providing only the highest-quality goods for their operation.

Albarrie's SAM material under a transformer