Technical Fabrics By The Roll

Customized Technical Fabrics For Your Application

Albarrie specializes in manufacturing high-temperature nonwoven technical fabrics customized to perform in unique, demanding industrial applications.

Technical Fabrics By The Roll

Nonwoven Technical Fabrics By The Roll


Nonwoven technical fabrics are used worldwide in a myriad of industrial products and applications, from high-temperature air filtration to safety apparel, sound absorbers, geotextiles, and more. Nonwovens have many advantages over traditional woven fabrics, including resistance to tearing or cutting, fire and heat, mildew and rot, and chemicals. In addition, they are strong, breathable material with good absorbing, wicking, barrier, and filtration

Nonwovens are fibrous materials created by bonding raw fibers with chemicals or mechanical needlepunching. With bonding, manufacturers skip the yarn-making process, creating a more economical fabric faster than its woven counterpart. Albarrie creates its nonwoven technical fabrics through the mechanical needlepunching process, specializing in high temperature resistant fabrics for industrial uses.

Albarrie offers a wide range of raw fibers to choose from, including Homopolymer Acrylic, Basalt, Meta Aramid (NOMEX), Polyimide (P84), PBO (Zylon), Polyester, Para-Aramid (KEVLAR), Polypropylene, and Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS). Although each fiber offers outstanding performance properties, they can be enhanced depending on the fabric’s end use and desired effects. Our fabric finishes and treatment enhancers include fire resistance, water/oil/dirt repellency, chemical impregnation, membrane lamination, calendaring, singeing, slitting, die cutting, welding, and sewing. We deliver textiles in 15-foot rolls, which we can cut to preferred length and width for better handling.

Whether you need a fabric to protect products or people, enhance a product’s performance, improve an industrial process, or comply to environmental regulation, the right fabric will reduce costs and increase quality. We partner with companies worldwide to engineer and manufacture custom technical fabrics for a wide range of unique applications. We offer 40+ years of expertise and are always open to exploring new ideas. We’ll work with you each step of the way, from material selection to fabrication, to ensure your product performs perfectly.

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