Albarrie’s EsterWeb™ Transformer Secondary Oil Containment System is ideal for natural ester-based fluids. EsterWeb™ allows water to pass through its smart layers without accumulating, which eliminates the need for pumps or oil detection systems.


When your transformer contains natural ester-based fluids like ENVIRONTEMP FR3 or BIOTEMP, a transformer secondary oil containment system is still required. Although classified as biodegradable, natural ester oils still produce an oil sheen when released into the environment. Oil sheens are ha­­­rmful to the natural world. As a result, the EPA Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) per 40 CFR 112.7, IEEE Std. 980, and MOECC requirements in Canada require organizations with natural ester oil-filled equipment to have an oil spill response plan or a secondary oil containment system to prevent an oil spill from reaching navigable waters.

Albarrie’s EsterWeb™ Transformer Secondary Oil Containment System is ideal for natural ester-based fluids. These oils can be difficult to contain with polymer solidification-based systems. We’ve tailored our innovative secondary oil containment system to account for the slow gelling of these oils, ensuring their full containment. EsterWeb allows water to pass through its smart layers without accumulating, which eliminates the need for pumps or oil detection systems. If an oil leak or equipment failure occurs, the smart oleophilic (a substance with an affinity for oils and not for water) layer will congeal and seal, trapping the oil within the containment area.

Albarrie's Esterweb Secondary Containment Installation at Nayla Farms

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Key Benefits

Virtually Maintenance Free 

No pumps required. Albarrie’s smart fabric traps oil, not water.

Environmentally Compliant

Meets EPA Secondary Containment requirements for SPCC 40 CFR 112.7 and IEEE Std. 980.


Reduce installation and maintenance costs compared to other transformer oil containment systems. 

Flexible Design 

Designed and installed in greenfield or brownfield applications for all soil types within any geometric configuration.

Product Details

Albarrie's Esterweb Secondary Containment Installation at Nayla Farms

The innovative design of EsterWeb™ uses a unique proprietary blend of dense oil-immobilizing polymers, called Alabsorb, between two geotextiles. As a result, the system is virtually maintenance-free, offering significant cost savings on installation and operation compared to traditional concrete containment systems.

Albarrie's Esterweb Secondary Containment Installation at Nayla Farms

When mineral oil contacts the polymers, they undergo a chemical change. This chemical change congeals and seals the oil between the geotextiles, turning it into an impassable membrane, keeping the oil inside the containment area.

Albarrie's Esterweb Secondary Containment Installation at Nayla Farms

Due to its chemistry, the solidification time of ester oil is not as quick as mineral oil. As a result, EsterWeb™ includes a distinct microporous flow control layer that traps and holds a thin layer of water on its surface. This process slows oil penetration through the gelling layer, allowing for sufficient solidification time while letting water pass through the system.


Our systems are installed without interruption of service in either brownfield or greenfield applications. They come complete with all materials required for assembly. They can be installed by your organization or your preferred contractor under Albarrie’s guidance or by our professional services team.


All our transformer secondary oil containment systems are designed to allow for drivability, allowing your vehicles to access the transformer without harming the containment.


Traditional concrete secondary oil containment systems aren’t ideal for severe weather, such as heavy rainfall, snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. There’s a high risk of water overflowing and mechanical pumps failing. Fortunately, due to the free-draining ability of Albarrie’s smart fabric, you never need to worry about severe weather.


Albarrie ensures your project is successful and goals are achieved through a consultative process. Our standard design includes:

  • Earthen berm design without a wick drain.
  • Site plan drawing for 110% containment volume + a 1/25 rainfall event
  • A civil materials takeoff list
  • IEEE guidelines for secondary oil containment
  • SPCC Rules/MOE Requirements
  • Site and soil considerations with a client-provided geotechnical report.
  • Client specifications

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Permanent transformer at an electrical substation with Sorbweb Secondary Containment installed underneath.
Permanent Substation Transformers
Installation of Sorbweb Secondary Containment System at an electrical substation near the mountains and ocean in British Columbia.
Environmentally-Sensitive Areas
Solar and windmilll farm near mountains
Solar and Wind Farm Containment Systems
Multiple transformers at an electrical substation showing Albarrie's Esterweb containment underneath.
Multiple Above-Ground Transformers