Polyester is a strong fiber with excellent oxidation resistance and good mechanical stability. It offers strong oxidation or mildew resistance because it stays resilient when wet. Polyester however does not have good resistance to acids or alkalis. It can moderately handle abrasion, only in low-temperature settings.

Polyester nonwoven technical fabrics are cost-effective textiles used to create disposable products like medical and hygiene products or industrial air filters due to its lightweight properties. Its use has extended to everything from protective clothing to construction materials, apparel and shoe interlinings, agricultural fabrics, acoustic panels, and more.

Albarrie uses polyester in many of its fabricated goods, such as Tandem baghouse filter bags, Defender Series Roller Covers, Defender Series Endless Belts, Defender Series Pads, Defender Series Spacer Bar Sleeves, and AlSlide Fluidizing Fabric.

Customers depend on Albarrie to produce high quality nonwoven polyester fabric rolls for heavyweight geotextiles, Affinity Air Filter Media, Cascade Liquid Filter Media, boot liner, acoustic panels and much more. We can manufacture rolls with weights between 5.90 and 120.92 oz/yd² (200-4100 g/m²) in thicknesses between 0.039 and 0.47 in (1-12 mm).   


Key Benefits

Excellent Tensile Strength

Albarrie’s fabrics offer high tensile strength and resistance to abrasion.


Won’t absorb moisture or promote mold.

Excellent Oxidation Resistance

Won’t degrade with oxygen exposure.

Cost Effective

It is used to create industrial air filters due to its lightweight properties.

Product Details

Properties 100% Polyester Polyester SLC Polyester G1
Tensile Strength Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Abrasion Resistance Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good
Acid Resistance Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good Very Good
Alkali Resistance Good Good Good Good Good
Oxidation Resistance Good Good Good Good Good
Operating Temperature 300°F (150 °C) 300°F (150 °C) 300°F (150 °C) 300°F (150 °C) 300°F (150 °C)
Manufactured Weight Range 6.4-81.1 oz/yd² (216.9- 2749.7 g/m²) 10 – 20 oz/yd² (339.0 – 678.1 g/m²) 10 – 20 oz/yd² (339.0 – 678.1 g/m²) 10 – 20 oz/yd² (339.0 – 678.1 g/m²) 10 – 20 oz/yd² (339.0 – 678.1 g/m²)
Manufactured Thickness Range 0.03″-0.09″ (1.0 mm– 2.3 mm) 0.05″- 0.07″ (1.5 mm–2.0 mm) 0.05″- 0.07″ (1.5 mm–2.0 mm) 0.05″- 0.07″ (1.5 mm–2.0 mm) 0.22″-0.25″ (5.7 mm– 6.5 mm)
Investment $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$$

Albarrie uses only 100% virgin fibers.


Albarrie inspects and tests each order as part of our Quality Assurance program, providing datasheets for weight, thickness, permeability, Mullen burst, and tensile strength according to ASTM standards.

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