Prepare Your Transformer Secondary Oil Containment Plan With Help From This Comprehensive Guide

This guide is an essential resource for transformer secondary oil containment compliance at electrical substations, helping asset owners and operators protect facilities and the environment when there’s a catastrophic oil spillage, and preparing an effective SPCC plan.

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Industry Guidelines

IEEE Guide for Containment & Control of Oil Spills in Substations

Electric supply substations are essential for the reliable operation of a power system. As such, it is paramount that oil spillage regulations be adhered to protect personnel and equipment and provide compliance with relevant environmental legislation. This guide identifies the sources of oil spills, discusses standard designs and methods for dealing with oil containment and control of oil spills, and outlines guidelines for the preparation of a typical Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan. This guide only applies to non-polychlorinated biphenyl (non-PCB) insulating oil. Although the information presented here contains guidance on various oil containment systems, it is not intended to interpret governmental regulations or discuss the applicability of these systems with regard to compliance.

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure all applicable governmental regulations are met. Additionally, proper maintenance and inspection of any installed oil containment system should be conducted following the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure its correct functioning.

The U.S. government published the Federal requirements for the preparation and implementation of Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans applicable to the discharge of oil at electrical facilities on December 31, 1973, under Title 40 Protection of Environment in the Code of Federal Regulations. As these regulations apply to oil spills into navigable waters, they also extend to many land-based areas; therefore, potential sources of oil spillage must be identified and contained before reaching navigable water bodies. It is recommended that all electrical facilities comply with the relevant regulations and prepare an SPCC plan to protect personnel, equipment, and the environment.

IEEE Guide for Containment & Control of Oil Spills

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