AlSeal™ Baghouse Door Seal

Albarrie’s AlSeal™ door seals are custom fabricated to fit any baghouse door with ambient temperatures up to 200°C (400°F).


One of the most overlooked details in maintaining a baghouse is seals. Baghouses operate on a suction system with the fan placed after the collector, that pulls air through the system and into the baghouse for filtration. The system’s mechanics relies on air pressure, with air only flowing from three main points into the collector: the pickup point, duct-run, and inlet duct. Any additional air leaks in the system’s configuration cause pressure loss, creating issues in the equipment’s ability to filter the gas stream. Air leaks also introduce moisture and humidity, which change the atmosphere’s chemistry and can cause corrosion and bag blinding.

Tight seals throughout the baghouse are critical to the filtration system’s performance. Unfortunately, most baghouse door seals are made from rubber, which becomes brittle and cracks due to high operating temperatures and chemical attacks. As a result, rubber seals are a high-maintenance item, slowly consuming the producer’s bottom line. Simple and easy to install, Albarrie’s AlSeal™ Baghouse Door Seal is designed with Nomex ® fabric to stop air leaks, create system efficiency, and save money. AlSeal™ door seal works in all baghouses with access door ambient temperatures up to 400°F (200°C).


Key Benefits

Exceptional Service Life

Improved service life compared to other products on the market.

No Gaps or Warps

Fabric strip is flexible with a smooth surface that compresses, providing a better seal with no gaps or warps.

Remains In Place

Cures to the metal surface when exposed to heat, keeping the seal in position.

Easy Installation

Peel and stick to the door frame, applying even pressure.

Product Details


Albarrie’s AlSeal™ Baghouse Door Seal is made by applying a high-temperature adhesive backing to a chemically-resistant technical fabric. The fabric won’t crack or deteriorate in high-temperature, chemically-invasive settings. AlSeal™ is flexible with a smooth texture. It’s easily applied to uneven surfaces without gaps or warps. The temperature-resistant adhesive cures in place, so it stays aligned to the door frame, keeping a tight seal in the baghouse for long service life.


Albarrie uses only 100% virgin fibers.


We’ve spent 40+ years researching, developing, and testing the most optimal fabrics for many applications and industries. Our expertise, combined with our stringent quality control procedures, ensures you receive the highest quality product on the market.


Ensure you get the right filter bag for your baghouse. Albarrie custom manufactures baghouse filter bags to fit any baghouse system, including pulse jet, reverse air, shaker, and cartridge systems.


Albarrie exercises complete control throughout the manufacturing and fabrication process – from converting fibers into high-performance filter bags, to providing expert, trouble-free installation, to baghouse maintenance services – under the strictest protocols. Albarrie inspects and tests each order as part of our Quality Assurance program, providing datasheets for weight, thickness, permeabilityMullen burst, and tensile strength according to ASTM standards.

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