Para-Aramid (Kevlar®) is a robust and rigid fiber known for its exceptional resistance to abrasion and cutting. Para-aramid falls within the aromatic polyamide fiber category. Aromatic polyamides (APs) are high-performance materials with high levels of thermal and chemical stabilities, and mechanical resistance. Like its counterpart, meta-aramid, Kevlar® is a naturally flame-resistant, high-temperature fiber that will not melt in extreme conditions. Kevlar® has superior strength, is five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis, yet it’s lightweight.

Nonwoven para-aramid technical textile is famous for its use in protective apparel because of its cut-resistant properties. Scientists and engineers have pushed the limits with Kevlar®, which has proven performance in many other applications like making boat hulls and kayaks, insulation for airplanes and spacecrafts, to reinforcements for automotive belts and batteries. Kevlar® is genuinely today’s super fiber

Albarrie relies on the strength, durability, high-temperature resistance and protective qualities of para-aramid to make its unique Defender Series Fullback Rollers, Separator Rollers, and Durafiber Boards for high-temperature conveyance and material handling applications. We use DuPont’s Kevlar® or generic fibers to manufacture para-aramid technical fabric in thicknesses between 0.0393 and 0.472 inches (1-12 mm) with weight ranges between 5.90 and 103.23 oz/yd² (200-3500 g/m²)


Key Benefits

Long Service Life 

High tensile strength means it can withstand abrasion in harsh environments.


Does not support melting, dripping or combustion.

Cut & Puncture Resistance

Albarrie’s fabrics supports applications that require cut or puncture resistance.

High-Temperature Resistant

Supports applications with operating temperatures up to 450°F (232°C).

Product Details

Properties Kevlar PF Kevlar (Scrim Supported) PBO/Kevlar
Tensile Strength Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Abrasion Resistance  Good Good Good Good Good Good
Oxidation Resistance Good Good Good Good Good Good
Decomp Temperature 840°F (450 °C) 840°F (450 °C) 840°F (450 °C) 840°F (450 °C) 1020°F (450 °C) 1020°F (450 °C)
Manufactured Weight Range 3.1 – 3.4 oz/yd² (104-116 g/m²) 5.1 – 5.7 oz/yd² (176-194 g/m²) 33.6 – 37.16 oz/yd² (1140-1260 g/m²) 96.5 – 106.8 oz/yd² (3277-3623 g/m²) 53.0 – 56.0 oz/yd² (1800-1900 g/m²) 102.3 – 112.9 oz/yd² (3470-3830 g/m²)
Manufactured Thickness Range 0.045″ – 0.55″ (1.1 – 1.3 mm) 0.045″ – 0.55″ (1.1 – 1.3 mm) 0.175 – 0.215″ (4.4 – 5.4 mm) 0.495″ – 0.545″ (12.4 – 13.7 mm ) 0.260″ – 0.300″ (6.6 – 7.6 mm) 0.435″ – 0.512″ (11.0 – 13.0 mm)
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Although para-aramid technical textiles are well known for their use in ballistics protection, it’s used in numerous other protective apparel applications. With its high-temperature and flame-resistant properties, nonwoven para-aramid lining acts as a heat insulator for the wearer. It protects the wearer from external heat sourcescutspunctures, and sparks. Albarrie designs para-aramid technical textiles for interlining material for chainsaw chaps, safety gloves, footwear, sleeves, welding apparel and blankets.

Apparel isn’t the only protection people need. Kevlar® is a favored choice used in marine composites. Canoe, kayak, and inflatable boat manufacturers depend on Albarrie’s Kevlar® technical fabric for its strengthweight, and impact resistance. This combination of properties helps achieve speed, making the kayak or canoe easier to handle and maneuver.


Para-aramid also protects industrial products and processes during high-temperature manufacturing processes such as Aluminum Extrusion, Glass Tempering, and Metal Coil Processing. Albarrie uses compressed Kevlar® disks in its Defender Series Fullback and Separator Rollers and resin-impregnated Kevlar® boards for its Durafiber Boards. Kevlar’s® high-heat and strength resistance protects extruded products and glass from damage as it’s rolled and handled through the manufacturing process. Additionally, Kevlar’s® durability means fewer shutdowns for part change-outs.


Albarrie uses only 100% virgin fibers.


Albarrie inspects and tests each order as part of our Quality Assurance program, providing datasheets for weight, thickness, permeability, Mullen burst, and tensile strength according to ASTM standards.

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