Maximize Protection & Minimize Risk with Albarrie's Smart Secondary Oil Containment Systems

Discover how Albarrie’s Plus Secondary Oil Containment Systems are the smart solution that provides reliable protection for electric substations, mitigating risk around transformer oil spills. Download our asset to learn more about how this innovative system compares to other containment products on the market in terms of cost, maintenance, energy, people power, ease and costs of cleanup, and more.

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Smart Containment Systems In Action: A Comparison

Smart oil containment systems can play a key role in helping electric utilities mitigate risks around transformer oil spills and government regulations. Albarrie’s SorbWeb™Plus is a smart secondary oil containment system specifically designed to meet and exceed spill containment rules and regulations imposed by governments in North America, with customer-inspired features that are flexible, reliable, and virtually maintenance-free. This smart system intercepts and captures spilled oil, preventing it from leaving the containment area, protecting groundwater from contamination or waterways from spills. In addition, it addresses an important environmental issue, providing more effective protection than other secondary containment systems available on the market.

See how Albarrie’s smart secondary oil containment systems compare to other containment products on the market in cost, maintenance, energy, people power, ease and costs of cleanup, water accumulation risk, site access, and compliance penalties.

Ultimately, secondary oil containment products should provide greater safety for both owners/operators and the environment by containing spills quickly and effectively without risks. This secondary containment product is ideal for substation transformers of all sizes, particularly large-size transformers near environmentally sensitive areas. It’s an invaluable tool that allows owners to prevent potential environmental contamination and protect against costly cleanups. But the biggest savings can be seen in the maintenance costs or lack thereof.

With its reliable design, SorbWeb™ Plus provides a smart oil containment solution that helps reduce risks and provide peace of mind.

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