Unlock The Cost Benefits of Smart Secondary Oil Containment Systems

Smart Secondary Oil Containment Systems are more reliable and cost-effective than traditional concrete basins. Compare their benefits to determine the best option for your needs.​

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Smart Containment Systems Vs. Concrete Basins: A Cost Comparison

Secondary oil containment systems are an important aspect of transformer safety, as they protect personnel, equipment and the surrounding environment in the event of a catastrophic failure. Secondary oil containment systems provide the necessary means to safely contain oil, preventing spills from contaminating surrounding soils and groundwater, which can have severe environmental and financial repercussions. These systems also reduce the liability associated with any release of oil-based products.

Traditional concrete basin oil containment systems are prone to a variety of problems, most notably failure due to water collection. Potential contamination can occur in the surrounding area if a catastrophic event happens before the water is drained. Concrete containments are also prone to cracking, leading to transformer oil spill seepage into the ground or nearby waterways.

These issues often occur due to inadequate maintenance practices, mechanical failure of devices, improper installation techniques, and the age or condition of the concrete structure. Therefore, existing concrete basins must be regularly inspected and repaired to prevent these risks, leading to a higher cost of ownership.

Albarrie’s SorbWeb™ Plus Transformer Secondary Oil Containment System is a smart containment system that offers several benefits over traditional concrete basins. The passive system provides 24/7 protection with nearly zero maintenance costs, lower capital costs, and long-term operation. Since zero concrete is used in the SorbWeb™Plus system, customers have reported, on average, a minimum of 30% savings on initial installation costs over a traditional concrete basin. In addition, the system eliminates the need for periodic inspection and maintenance, resulting in substantial long-term savings over the life of the oil containment system.


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