What Is The Published Lifetime For The Sorbweb™ Plus System?

The individual components of the SorbWeb™Plus system have been extensively used as geotextiles for many decades. The Polyethylene and Polypropylene polymers used to manufacture these products have enhanced content of antioxidants and stabilizers to ensure oxidative and UV stability of these products for at least 50 years. None of these products can undergo biodegradation under normal operating conditions.

Published studies estimate the service life of HDPE polymer to be at least 160 years as a primary liner in a landfill application. The service life of LLDPE polymer is longer. They age slower than HDPE after the polymer’s antioxidants have depleted.

Moisture-curable polyurethane polymers have been used for many decades as sealants in the construction industry. However, none of the manufacturers clearly specify these products’ service life as environmental parameters dictate the conditions under which the products perform and are used.


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