What’s The Difference Between Sorbweb™ Plus And Other Permeable Solidifying Barrier Products In The Market?

Although these products appear similar at first, they couldn’t be more different. Albarrie’s permeable oil absorbing and oil congealing geotextiles employ the technological advantage of a needlepunching process. This process allows us to deliver the highest polymer load in the industry in a consistent and continuous stream, encapsulating and locking it, giving our products superior performance.

The SorbWeb™ Plus Secondary Transformer Secondary Oil Containment System includes five layers or filters. Our patented design gives the system outstanding performance, exceptional protection from silt, and excellent fire-quenching abilities. Independent laboratory tests have shown non-detectable levels of contamination in the soil below the OilMat once exposed to hydrocarbons, giving SorbWeb™ Plus an unmatched level of performance.

Don’t be misled by comparisons made between SorbWeb™ Plus and other solidifying barriers on the market. These comparisons are designed to bridge the huge performance gap between the two products, which is misleading.

Albarrie’s Secondary Oil Containment Systems have proven performance in the field and through independent third-party laboratory testing to provide customers with facts to help make informed decisions about the products they purchase.