Does Oil Blocker Meet Spcc Rules?

Absolutely! Oil Blocker™ is a scrim-supported geotextile fabric for transformer oil and spill containments with the highest polymer loading in the industry, mechanically encapsulated between two nonwovens. Oil Blocker™ will congeal and seal on contact with mineral oil.

The Oil Blocker™ is designed to be installed vertically, around a substation fence, or individual oil-filled equipment in impervious subsoil conditions. Any area of Oil Blocker™ geotextile fabric that comes in contact with mineral oil will solidify, expand and turn the oil-exposed section of the fabric into a rubberized mass, forming an impermeable barrier approximately half-inch thick. This chemical reaction keeps oil from leaving the area until the incident can be responded to. Unfortunately, this process is not reversible, and once the affected area has transformed into rubber, water will no longer pass through. When this happens, the barrier should be removed and replaced with a new Oil Blocker™.