Albarrie’s Cages and Venturis come in a variety of metals and finishes, designed to handle the harsh environments inside a baghouse. 


Steel cages and venturis assist jet-pulse baghouse filter bags during operation. Without this support, filter bags would hang limp inside the baghouse, creating inefficient airflow and filtration. Cages and Venturis come in a variety of metals and finishes, designed to handle the harsh environments inside a baghouse. They are custom-made to fit your baghouse and filter media with many different configurations available, depending on your need. Albarrie’s cages and venutris are available in carbon, galvanized, or stainless steel and other special finishes like epoxy coatings to protect the cage and venturi from moisture, chemical or acidic conditions.


Key Benefits

Provide Critical Support to Filter Bags

Jet-pulse baghouse filter bags require cage support for filtration.

Improve Cleaning Efficiency

Venturis boost the airflow into the filter bags during cleaning cycles.

Protect Cages & Venturis

Different finishes offer protection from moisture, chemical or acidic conditions.

Multiple Design Configurations

Custom designed to baghouse specifications.

Product Details


Cages and Venturis work together to maximize airflow through the baghouse filter media inside pulse-jet baghouses. While metal cages provide the needed structural support, venturis create negative pressure at the top of the bag, pulling additional air down into the filter elements during pulsing. The force provides a better air pulsing action and cleaning cycle. Generally, the longer the filter bag, the more critical it is to have a venturi in place. Without either of these essential parts, filtration is inefficient, and you’re at risk for emissions.

Cages must have the proper design structure to fit the baghouse and filter media properly. Most baghouses only need a one-piece cage; however, extra-long bags may require a two-piece cage design.

Two things determine the cage and venturi design: the baghouse design and filter media.

Baghouse Design & Cage Construction

  • Cage Top Design – top-loaded baghouses typically have a cage top with a rolled flange design, while bottom-loaded baghouses usually have a cage top with a split ring design. Other designs included slotted, roll band, all wire, or collar-venturi.
  • Cage Bottom Design – Cages with a welded Bottom design have individual wires welded to them, while in crimped base design, the wires are crimped over the Bottom of the pan. Bottom cage designs can also include hemmed cups or wire formed.
  • Baghouses with 150 in. and 300 in. filter bags require two-piece cage designs. Two-piece cages have connectors in the center, which can be a finger connection, slide lock, or twist lock™.


    Cage wires, spaced equally around the cage’s circumference, offer support over the filter bag’s length. Heavier nonwoven material usually can operate with ten wires, while the medium weight nonwoven fabric may use 12 wires. More delicate media, such as fiberglass or basalt will damage when flexed, requiring maximum support of a 20-wire cage. Albarrie’s full range of cages offers 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 24 wires.


    Most cage designs include the venturi welded or integrated into the cage. However, some come as a separate part, which locks into the top of the cage.

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