Albarrie’s pre-coat powders and leak detection kit are part of a regular preventative maintenance routines to find inefficiencies in baghouse systems.


Albarrie is committed to helping industrial processes save time and money by offering products that create efficiencies and protect the environment. Our precoat powders and leak detection kit assists in efficient dust collection and inspections to enhance baghouse filtration. Precoat powders are used to condition, woven and nonwoven industrial air filter bags, before first use in baghouses or dust collectors. They improve filtration efficiency in the filter media by depositing a foundational layer of dust cake on new or recently cleaned filter media. Baghouse inspections are part of a regular preventative maintenance routine to find inefficiencies in the baghouse system. Albarrie’s leak detection kits cut up to 90% of inspection time*, are non-toxic, safe for employees, and are easy to use.


Key Benefits

Build-Up Dust Cake Faster

Quickly build a foundational dust cake on new filter bags.

Quickly Identify Air Leaks

Identify holes and leaks quickly with fluorescent-colored powders under UV lamp.

Cut Baghouse Inspection Time*

Cut baghouse inspection time by up to 90% using our leak detection powder kit.

*As compared to hand-eye inspections

Improve Filtration Efficiency

Repairing leaks and pre-building dust cake improves filter media and baghouse performance.

Product Details

Albarrie's Leak Detection Powders

Eliminate time-consuming hand-eye inspections in your baghouse. Albarrie’s leak detection kit uses a specifically formulated fluorescent powder and ultraviolet black light to quickly and efficiently detect leaks in fabric bags, seams, and welds. Our leak detection kits cut up to 90% of the leak detection time* during inspections, eliminating time-consuming hand-eye inspections. Our kits include the powder, a UV lamp, and safety goggles.

The Albarrie leak detection powder is easy to use and non-toxic. The powders work for wire cages in pulse-jet baghouses, shakers, reverse air, and cartridge-type dust collectors. The test confirms which filter bags have holes and identifies air leaks inside the baghouse compartment and filter equipment, eliminating unnecessary bag changes and downtime. The test can be performed by an in-house technician familiar with baghouse operations or the Albarrie service team.

Different Colors For Different Dust Types: Albarrie offers several colors of leak detection powder, suitable for various applications, depending on the dust’s chemistry. The goal of leak detection powder is to provide a quick visual of air leak locations. Once the dust settles onto the baghouse filter bags or baghouse equipment, the areas needing service are visible under the UV lamp. We recommend using contrasting colors to the process dust or other leak detection powders if you complete a second pass.

Our leak detection powder is available in five colors:

  • Aurora Pink – suitable for all industries
  • Blaze Orange – all industries except those where iron oxide is present
  • Saturn Yellow – all industries except cement, lime, asphalt, utility, and cogeneration plants where sulfur is present in the dust
  • Signal Green – aluminum, cement, and utility industries; good contrasting color for pink and orange
  • Violet and other colors are good for plants that test multiple times yearly, allowing easy distinction between tests.

UV Lamps

Leak detection is impossible without the help of a UV lamp. Albarrie’s UV lamps are designed to quickly help maintenance personnel easily find leaks in any dust collection unit. We offer a full range of UV lamps, from inexpensive compact handheld UV lamps to more technically advanced ones. Our lamps have special orange safety glasses to prevent eye damage from UV light exposure.

Injecting Leak Detection Powders Into Baghouse

Inject the powder into an inlet port in the baghouse’s dirty air stream on the negative side of the fan. Do not put the powder into the hopper. After injection, the fan should run for at least 45 seconds but no longer than one minute. Holes or leaks are exposed by the powder’s fluoresces under a UV lamp. Once repairs are completed, inject a second powder color to mark any missed areas inside the baghouse.

Leak Detection Powder Calculation

Albarrie recommends using one pound (1 lb) of leak detection powder for 1,000 square feet or 0.5 kg per 100 square meters of filter cloth.

Available Sizes:

  • 5 lbs pail (4/case)
  • 10 lbs pail
  • 25 lbs pail
  • 150 lbs drum
  • 300 lbs drum


Average Particle Size 3 microns (other micron sizes are available)
Color Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Violet
Refractive Index 1.64
Specific Gravity 1.97
Operating Temperature 660°F (350°C)


Efficient dust collection on baghouse filter bags relies on building a residual dust cake to achieve filtration efficiency. Building a dust cake on new or recently cleaned filter media can take several cycles or days. Using a precoat agent reduces the time to create a dust cake so producers can obtain immediate efficiencies in the baghouse.

Albarrie’s precoat is made from carefully refined natural volcanic rock, known as perlite. When applied to new filter bags, the precoat forms a three-dimensional porous dust cake that absorbs harmful moisture, oils, and hydrocarbons from the air. It also protects the baghouse filter bag against blinding and plugging and produces cleaner air than the filter media alone.

  • Precoat Calculation: Albarrie recommends one pound of precoat per 20 square feet or one kg per four square meters of baghouse filter cloth. Inject precoat at a feed rate of 0.3 lbs/minute/1000 ACFM or 0.136 kg/minute/28 ACMM of reduced gas flow to the baghouse.
  • Available Size: 30lb Bag
  • Specifications Chart

Average Particle Size

75 microns



Refractive Index


Bulk Density

10-15 lb per cubic foot

Free Moisture (Max)


Specific Gravity


Operating Temperature

Up to 2000° F (1093°C)

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