With more surface area and compact design, you can reduce your dust collector’s operating costs with Albarrie’s Cartridges and Pleated Air Filters.


How an industrial air filter is manufactured determines the filter’s performance in application. Which one to use is usually determined by the dust collector equipment specifications, the gas stream, temperature, and the environmental conditions of the process. Manufacturers can manipulate the fabric’s properties and performance by how it’s processed during manufacture.

Although many methods exist to create a nonwoven technical fabric, needlepunching and spunbonding are the two most used in creating industrial air filtration media. The needlepunching process relies on mechanical needles punching through several layers of prepared fibers to make a web of entangled fibers, creating a tight bond to hold the fabric together. A spunbond process binds the fibers through thermal (heat and pressure) or chemical bonding. Both methods offer uniform bonding and encourage filter cake formation more than randomly bonded fabrics, resulting in an even distribution of particles and improved filter cake formation.

Cartridge and pleated filters depend on larger surface areas to enhance industrial air filtration. This is because they are pleated by design, resulting in a larger total filtering surface area per cubic feet per minute (CFM), reducing the dust collector’s air-to-cloth ratio and size.

Although baghouses can be upgraded from nonwoven filter bags with cages to an all-in-one pleated filter unit, they cannot hold cartridge filters, which are only used in dust collectors designed explicitly for them.

Albarrie supplies a wide range of top and bottom access pleated filters for pulse jet dust collector systems and cartridge filters for cartridge dust collector systems. Our filters are custom-made to order with the fabrics and design you need for your application and equipment requirements.


Key Benefits

Longer Filter Life

Pleated structure creates more surface filtration area, holding more dust and reducing cleaning cycles and changeouts.

Single Unit Design

Eliminates filter bags with cages and venturis.

Custom Made To Order

Customized with the fabric and design you need for your application and equipment requirements.

Reduce Installation & Maintenance Costs

One-step installation and removal reduce maintenance time and costs.

Product Details

Pleated Filters

leated filters offer improved filtration performance over conventional filter bags with an increased filter area, resulting in longer filter life and cost savings due to the single-piece design. They are quicker and easier to install than traditional filter bags. They also reduce ongoing maintenance costs due to more dust build-up on their pleats, which are easily cleaned with Albarrie’s High-Efficiency Cleaning service.

Cartridge Filters

Unlike baghouses, cartridge dust collector systems use cartridge filters instead of filter bags. Cartridges are produced as a single unit with fused end caps to form a gasket sealing area. The cartridge system is ideal for fine, dry dust in light-duty applications such as welding, laser or plasma cutting fumes, grinding, bulk powder, foundries, shot blasting, and more. With a cylindrical filter design, cartridge filters are more compact than baghouse filter bags, making them ideal for small systems with limited space. We do not recommend using cartridge filters with large, abrasive, sticky dust.

  • CELLULOSE CARTRIDGES: Derived from plant materials, cellulose cartridges offer a smooth and compact surface, which aids in unloading fine dust particles during cleaning. They work best in dry, free-flowing dust applications, including shot blasts, mining, gas turbines, and metalworking.
  • FELT CARTRIDGES: Felt cartridges are designed with perforated metal cartridges containing a nonwoven filtering media instead of filter bags with cages. They operate at high efficiency with an excellent life span in high-temperature applications with high dust loading.
  • SPUNBOND CARTRIDGES: Spunbond cartridges have a fine pore structure and are resistant to moisture and abrasion. They offer increased surface loading for longer filter life. These cartridges are utilized in food processing, pharmaceutical, powder coating, surface blasting, and grinding applications.
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