What Maintenance Is Required With Albarrie’s Secondary Oil Containment Systems?

Under typical conditions The SorbWeb™Plus System is maintenance free however, to ensure maximum performance is achieved we recommend the following;

  • If the transformer is leaking, the SorbWeb™Plus Transformer Oil Containment System should be checked to ensure water is not accumulating in the containment pit. The water accumulation indicates that the Oilmat “smart” barrier seals, preventing the water from escaping the containment pit.
  • Visual inspection of the transformers should be carried out at least twice a year to detect any chronic leaks.
  • Concrete structures should be monitored for cracks. These should be sealed as soon as they are found to prevent oil migration along crack-lines.
  • Chronic leaks must be localized and contained with catch trays or similar. Depending on the leak rate, these temporary catch devices must be replaced on a regular basis.