No More Leaky Substations: Discover How One Utility Company Upgraded Their Secondary Oil Containment System

This case study showcases how a major Canadian utility company successfully added a virtually maintenance-free secondary oil containment system to an aging substation transformer. Download the full study to learn more about Albarrie’s innovative solution and the unforeseen installation challenges they overcame.

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Electrical Substation Successfully Adds A Secondary Oil Containment System

In today’s world, government compliance with environmental standards is essential. The regulations and heavy social pressures to protect our environment are forcing utility companies to address aging utility infrastructure. Transformers are among many culprits to ecological damage around substations.

The majority of North America’s utility infrastructure was built in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. During this time, the government did not require a secondary oil containment around oil-filled equipment. Unfortunately, the old de-regulation leaves modern utility companies exposed to environmental risk, particularly around navigable waters. This risk forced one major Canadian utility company to seek a cost-effective, turn-key solution to address their secondary oil containment needs: SorbWeb™ Plus with SAM Secondary Oil Containment System
by Albarrie.

This case study showcases how a major Canadian utility company uses Albarrie’s Transformer Secondary Oil Containment System to modernize its substation to provide 24/7 protection with a virtually maintenance-free containment system. The company was dealing with an aging and leaky substation transformer, leading to environmental damage. So they enlisted Albarrie to update their secondary oil containment system with the innovative SorbWeb™ Plus system. Despite multiple unforeseen installation challenges, Albarrie was able to ensure a successful project that meets governmental environmental protection standards. The result? A modernized substation with a virtually maintenance-free solution.

Modernize Your Substation: Download the Case Study

Learn how Albarrie’s Secondary Oil Containment System provides virtually maintenance-free protection 24/7.