Case Studies

U.S. Power Company Saves $6M In Capital By Deep Cleaning Their Filter Bags

Coal-Fired Power Producer Saves $6M In Capital Costs

A Southern U.S.-based electric utility company providing coal and petroleum coke-regulated power production was facing an imminent $6M capital expenditure to replace all 19,520 dust collector bags and cages due to a delta pressure increase causing emissions upset and power losses in their dust collector system. Albarrie suggested its High-Efficiency Cleaning service as an alternative to solve the issue.

Result: savings of $6M in capital expenditure*

This service proved a viable solution, and power production was restored with NOx emissions brought back into compliance. As a result, the utility company successfully avoided a major capital expenditure while achieving peak efficiency in its baghouse operations.

  • Heavy dust cake was removed from the filter bags
  • Removed dust cake from tube sheets
  • Minor repairs to the baghouse blowpipes
  • Delta Pressure: decreased from 15″ to 7″
  • Opacity: Normal at 2%
  • Increased permeability in the dust collector system.

* Past performance does not guarantee future results, which may vary depending on the environment, application, and equipment variables.