Cost Reduction Through Quick & Effective Clean-up In Southern Alberta

This case study highlights Albarrie’s capacity to quickly and effectively remediate SorbWeb™ Plus Secondary Oil Containment System after a major oil spill. Through this system, Albarrie was able to reduce economic costs associated with the clean-up process and minimize time spent on remediation efforts.

Major Oil Spill Case Study Featured Image | Albarrie
Case Studies

Avoiding Economic Loss After A Transformer Oil Spill: A Case Study

This real-world project demonstrated SorbWeb™ Plus Secondary Oil Containment System’s ability to withstand a catastrophic transformer failure and Albarrie’s capacity to remediate a containment system after a significant oil spill in Southern Alberta. The quick response time and efficiency of Albarrie’s staff minimized the economic costs associated with replacing the SorbWeb™ Plus system.

The remediation process included a site visit to determine the extent of the spill throughout the SorbWeb™ Plus
system’s layers, as well as removal and disposal of the contaminated stone, sand layer, and system layers. Lastly, Albarrie rehabilitated the SorbWeb™ Plus system to complete the project.

Major Oil Spill Case Study

Understand how Albarrie’s SorbWeb™ Plus Transformer Secondary Oil Containment System can effectively contain oil spills and cut remediation costs and time when a major spill occurs.