Secondary Containment Systems & Performance Under Severe Weather

Lightening Strike

The accumulation of rain, snow, and ice and the freezing of mechanical moving parts in typical oil containment systems can be concerning due to the high potential for loss of volume capacity leading to oil overflow in the case of a catastrophic equipment failure. In fact, the number one reason why most conventional secondary containments fail is precisely for this reason, lack of volume capacity due to accumulated rainwater, snowmelt or mechanical pump failures.

Fortunately, due to the free-draining ability of SorbWeb™ Plus, OilBlocker™ Plus, or EsterWeb™, you don’t need to worry about severe weather spoiling your containment. Albarrie’s Transformer Secondary Oil Containment Systems use smart fabric technology designed to perform in the harshest winter conditions, allowing water to pass through the smart containment barrier but traps and seals in the presence of oil, preventing it from escaping the containment. Our secondary containment systems are designed to perform in extreme climates, including:

  • Harsh North American winters
  • Warm, wet climates
  • Arid climates

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